12 Ways to Attract Shoppers This Holiday Season

Small Business Saturday is coming and despite the name, it’s a big deal. For many local businesses, it’s the day that helps carry them through the end of the year and into the beginning of the next one. That’s why it’s important to capitalize on the opportunity and leverage as many tools as possible to get the most traffic to your store, whether it’s online or in-person. At Fund-Ex Solutions Group, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ideas you can use to get the most out of your marketing budget, no matter how large or small.

Give Your Customers a Sign

Putting up a sign to tell customers that you’re participating in Small Business Saturday is an easy option. Shoppers have been told to “Shop Local” for years, and the sign reminds them about their local pride. Plus, it gives them a sense of ownership because it means their dollars support their community.

Let Shoppers Know Your Story

Give your customers some insight into your brand. Whether in passing conversations in-store or via your social channels, share how your business came to be. A good story can pull at some heartstrings or even influence other would-be entrepreneurs.

Partner With Other Local Businesses

Connect with other complementary businesses in your area for cross exposure. Work on a mutually beneficial strategy together and make sure to get everything in writing, so everyone’s on the same page. You can even maintain the partnership beyond the holidays, during typically quiet times of the year.

#GetTheMost from Social Media

Custom hashtags for your business make it easy for you to see who’s talking about your store, as well as what’s trending within your industry. And since shoppers are savvy in using social media for researching their purchases, hashtags help them find your products even more easily.

Do It For the ‘Gram

Create a space in your store or outside it that invites people to take photographs of themselves or their friends. An “Instagrammable” space and a reminder to get shoppers to tag your business is a fun and easy way to spread the word about your shop and your products.

Let the Best Thing Win

Whether it’s a costume contest, an original drawing contest, or just the 100th person to walk into your store, a competition sparks a competitive urge. Offer prizes or discounts to customers who take part. You can even democratize the outcomes by letting your social media followers decide by voting.

Bundle Products for Maximum Impact

Move merchandise you have on hand a little easier when you add it to a fixed price bundle. Customers feel like they’re getting a good deal and you help people who have trouble settling on one product to buy.

Reward the Early Birds (or the Late Ones)

Offer sales that begin and end at certain periods of the day to encourage foot traffic during times when your store might otherwise be a little quiet. This can inspire shoppers to be in the store for the entirety of a day and help keep your staff engaged.

That’s a Wrap!

Save your customers time and energy by offering to gift wrap products in-store. If there’s anything that slows down the gift-giving season, it’s wrapping all those wonderful gifts. Adding this small service is a sure winner.

Send Holiday Cards

According to Tech Crunch, email marketing can be responsible for a 20% rise in site visits. So go ahead, market your small business with emails. But to really stand out, think about a physical mail campaign. It’s a way to reach customers that are often overlooked. You can even have special offers if the mailpiece is brought to the store.

Buy Some Local Search Ads

No matter where most of your sales come from – online or in-person – giving potential customers an extra nudge in the form of local search ads is an easy way to help them find out a little more information about your specific products and give them a peek into your store before ever setting foot in it.

Take the Stress Out of Holiday Buying with a Gift Guide

Holiday gift-buying can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. A simple guide can give suggestions for what products might be best for certain people. A little help in choosing the right gift can be just the right kind of customer service that inspires loyalty down the line.

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