4 Ways to Make Your Store Stand Out During the Holidays

The 2021 holiday season is primed to be one of the best in recent memory for retailers. And that’s after 2020, which saw online sales rise 20.6% year-over-year, according to 1Digital Agency. Here are four ways to make sure you’re ready.   

Online or In-Person? Both

Shoppers will expect an excellent shopping experience no matter how they do it. Small businesses can expect to see people in person as stores reopen their doors. Last year taught small business owners to be savvy online, but many will shop in person with COVID worries on the decline. But just because you can expect more people in-store doesn’t mean you should forget about your online presence. Nonstore retailers have already seen a sales boost in October due to supply chain bottlenecks. 

Great Reviews Matter

While doing all that online shopping, customers relied on reviews and recommendations. And because 70% of shoppers last year read at least one review before making purchase decisions, business owners who have impeccable service that garners great reviews will have an ace in their pocket. 

Reinvent Your Space

Make your store inviting for real-live shoppers. Consider re-arranging the layout or setting up some displays to capture the eye and interest of potential buyers. If you have a window, let your imagination (or your staff’s) run a little wild and create something unique. Something that grabs attention or is inherently Instagrammable is key. If you’re looking for some more attention-grabbing ideas, check out our blog post with eleven other winners.       

Online Shopping is Here to Stay

We haven’t forgotten about you, online retailers. Remember: Shoppers are already primed to buy gifts online. Forty-five percent of people discovered what they purchased on social media last year. Help them make the most of those shopping habits. Create inspiration boards on Pinterest, post using trending hashtags that work for your business, spend a little on social media ads, and organize products on your website into collections to help boost sales. And take some time to refresh your website with some holiday imagery. It will give your business a more welcoming vibe, one that customers will appreciate.   

Whether you’re an online retailer or you’ve got a physical location, this is the time to make your business stand out.   

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