Important information about the PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM

Looking for information about your Paycheck Protection Program loan? Whether you have a PPP loan through Fund-Ex Solutions Group or not, we’re here to share valuable information to help you navigate the forgiveness period and ensure your loan is forgiven.

Below are some valuable resources to help you, but please note that the SBA and Treasury may continue to release new guidance about the PPP as time goes on. We will continue to provide updated information here for you, should that occur.


July 15, 2020

Completing the loan forgiveness calculation form

Learn how to complete the loan forgiveness calculation form portion of the PPP forgiveness application. Topics covered include: recent PPP updates, online loan forgiveness calculator, PPP loan forgiveness forms, loan forgiveness documentation, and the lender and SBA verification process.

June 24, 2020

Completing schedule a worksheet and schedule a

Learn how to complete the Schedule A Worksheet and Schedule A, which are required for the long-form PPP forgiveness application, as well as receive a high-level overview of Form 3508EZ.

June 10, 2020

The PPP flexibility act and loan forgiveness

Learn about the new Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act provisions signed into law on June 5, 2020 and how the loosened guidelines can help maximize loan forgiveness. Topics covered include: the covered period, use of PPP funds, the unforgiven loan repayment period, the repayment deferral period, and the reduction in FTE period.

May 21, 2020

Preparing for PPP loan forgiveness

Learn how to prepare for loan forgiveness and what impacts your eligibility. Topics covered include: the forgiveness application process, forgiveness eligibility requirements, factors impacting eligibility, calculating forgiveness reductions, and using the SBA application form.


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paycheck protection program loan forgiveness application


form 3508 documents

Form 3508 (long form application), Form 3508 Instructions, Form 3508EZ (short form application), FOrm 3508

completing the loan forgiveness application forms webinar faq


critical ppp flexibility act updates

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